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A junction, point of intersection and meeting place for people, friends and great ideas.


Hi!  I’m Val and welcome to the ‘T’.  Here’s a bit about me…

I am a mom to my daughters, Maya and Everlee.  I work in Finance, love my job and clients but often have what I call a ‘creative itch’. As the daughter of hard working immigrant parents, my creative pursuits were encouraged but only meant to be enjoyed as a hobby, like this!


I’ve decided to direct my creative energy into this blog as a way to share my projects, ideas and experiences with those close to me but also with new friends with similar interests.

Through my personal life, travels and professional life, I have been lucky to meet a number of interesting people who have fueled my creative side. My posts, projects and adventures are a reflection of these incredible people and experiences!




  1. Valerie, you never seize to amaze me with your outstanding food creations! Your food tastes as good as it looks!

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