AHOY! DIY Captain’s Mirror

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The spare bedroom in our home was the last of the rooms to come together – and to be fair, we don’t have that many rooms. For longer than I care to admit, it remained a dumping ground for all our storage and off-season items.


It wasn’t until we were having out of town guests stay with us that we decided to get our butt in gear. Thanks Darek and Kasia!


I’ve always loved the look of captains mirrors. The geometric symmetry, angles, leather and metal detailing in combination all appealed to me. For a while, I was in the hunt for one but could find one that had the appropriate dimensions for the space above the radiator.


I found a set of circular mirrors at Home Depot similar to these ones here and decided that a mini project was in order.

DIY Captain’s Mirror

You Will Need


  • Circular mirror with lip
  • A piece of dark brown on black leather, enough to cover the perimeter of the mirror and to form a strap
  • 4 metal rivets – my squared off ones purchased from Etsy here
  • 1 drawer knob
  • Glue gun
  • Leather hole punch
  • Drill to hang the mirrors

Here’s How

To get the dimensions right, measure the perimeter of your mirror (P).

Cut 2 pieces of leather the length of P and the width of the lip of your mirror. One will be used to wrap around the mirror and the other will be the strap.


Punch a hole in your wrap piece of leather centered across the width and 2 inches from the end. Measure P/3 down the length of this piece of leather and punch another hole. Punch two more holes 3/4 of an inch outside of the existing two holes so they measure P + 1 1/2 inches apart.

Moving on to the strap. Punch two holes 2 1/2 inches from the end of end of each strap. Punch two more holes 3/4 of an inch inside of the first two holes. Trim the ends of the strap forming a rounded point.


Line up the holes on the wrap piece and strap and secure using the rivets.

Lay the wrap piece around the mirror and attach using glue gun.

To Hang the Mirror


The mirrors are actually secured to the wall and not held in place by the strap – the strap is purely decorative. Position the mirror where you want to have it and hang in place.

Lift the strap and using a pencil, mark the wall where the strap should ‘hang’. Drill a hole through the pencil mark and insert the pull. Lift the strap over the pull to give the appearance that mirror is being ‘secured’ by the strap.


You’re all done!


If you cannot find a piece of leather long enough to wrap around your mirror, you can use a few pieces to wrap the edge – just try to adjust the seams such that they are partially hidden by the straps.


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