PEI – East Coast Seafood Boil

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This was a definite first for me – A real deal East Coaster seafood boil.


The closest I’ve ever come to this is what the Chinese call ‘hot pot’ but there is something about cooking al fresca that makes this very special!


Especially on a gorgeous day and a view as spectacular as this! Yes, that is the national park and the Cavendish shoreline in the background! Just beautiful!


The lobster came from Carr’s Warfside Market and I had a little friend help me pick it up!

There was so much seafood, we needed to get two burners and pots going!


Lots of debate over how long the lobster needed to be in the pot for and the order of which the other ingredients were added. The host of course got I just right!

12 full lobsters and several pounds of clams, mussels, PEI baby potatoes, corn and chorizo later…


Seafood boil is not a dainty meal…it is 100% messy, so prepare to get your fingers dirty!


This type of meal definitely calls for a makeshift napkin bib to avoid an accidental seafood juice splatter.


No better dessert than a proper strawberry shortcake made with fresh local island strawberries and whipping cream!


Dig right in everyone!


Thanks to my PEI friends for putting on such a spectacular dining experience and the warm east coast hospitality!!!


    • It was great! I went out a few weeks ago to ‘try’ to learn how to golf. My friend’s dad agreed to teach me – thanks David!!! I was only there for a weekend but I packed in as much as possible. There will be another two posts coming up on PEI! Stay tuned… Miss you Abbie! Hope to see you soon!

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