Rules of the Wine Syndicate

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So as part of my wine journey, I inadvertently started a ‘Wine Syndicate’. The Syndicate started off casually with me and two other people looking to share a case of hard to find wine . Over the last 18 months, 3 people grew to over 25 regular members and our issues became more thoughtful and frequent.


For each selected and distributed wine, I would personally prepare a note for the members of my Syndicate. For me, this process was as enjoyable as drinking the wine.  It involved speaking with the merchant, wine maker or winery about the selected wine, its vintage, terroir, varietal and compiling that information into my own tasting note.

Post distribution, syndicate members would often share their feedback on an informal basis and we’d sometimes find ourselves sharing a bottle or two together.  But for the benefit of the Syndicate members as well as others interested in wine, I hope to use this section of my blog to share the wines we seek, buy, drink and feedback from those who have a chance to taste it.


1. WHAT:

  • A group of members forming a syndicate to purchase and distribute a wine proposed by a syndicate member

2. WHO:

  • There are currently about 20 members in my Wine Syndicate
  • Each member commits to at least 4-6 bottles per syndication
  • Each member must keep an open mind. No specific knowledge of wine required

3. WHEN:

  • A wine is proposed, issued and syndicated once a month, maybe more


  • There are no limits on wine region and a diversity of regions, varietals and vintages is preferred

5. WHY:

  • Great way to purchase wine that cannot be sourced locally through retail
  • Great way to try wine sold only in case format
  • Mostly because it is a lot of fun!


  1. Belle Glos Clark and telephone is undoubtedly one of the best Pinot Noirs that My wife and I have had. Thanks for introducing us to it Val, can’t wait to get a few more bottles.

    • I’m working on it Painted Banker. Thanks for being part of my wine syndicate. I hope that you and your wife have enjoyed the experience and hope that there will be more amazing wine to come!!!

  2. all of these wines are excellent. personally my favorite is Nerocapitano. it’s unlike anything else, and leaves a lasting impression. Sicilian wines are hidden gems!

    • Thanks lucky taster! I discovered the Nero at a Toronto underground supper club that I went to with my sis. Believe they are out of stock at the moment but I’m on the short list for more.

    • There should be lots of new good stuff in the pipeline! Glad that you and S enjoyed the Caymus…I should have put you on the list for more. If they get it in again, I will let you know!

    • So awesome! I’m happy you like it! I’m going to try and get some magnums for the holidays if you are interested. V

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