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Our visit to the Federal was unplanned.  We were hungry, suffering from the aftermath of a Saturday night spent with friends hanging by the fire, in serious need of some coffee and for a change, I did NOT want to cook!

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It was noon on a Sunday, I had gone for a half-hearted workout, lazed around and pushed myself through 3 of the shortest articles in the Economist.  It was abundantly clear that not a whole lot was getting done in the near term and I was destined for an afternoon of minimal productivity…brunch was in order!


Unsurprisingly, the Federal was busy – it was prime brunching hour and given our sad state, we elected to cozy up at the bar rather than wait for a table.  I love sitting at the bar!  We were close to the kitchen – meaning we were close to the action!

First order of business…cappuccino…feeling better already!


Lots of goodies on this menu.  I’m terrible at making decisions on an empty stomach so we left it in the capable hands of our waitress to surprise us with the two best items on their brunch roster.  We were not disappointed.


Minutes later, I was handed a Smoked Trout Plate and my hubby got the Cubano Sandwich which the waitress pointed out was Chef’s ‘baby‘.  I immediately told my hubby that we were sharing…EVERYTHING.

Watch the magical disappearing Cubano sandwich…

I could not be more excited that both plates were served with a side of potato rösti! Who could argue with that! The best part of the trout plate had to have been the cheddar scone, sliced in half and lightly toasted.  Or maybe the perfectly runny poached egg. I’ve botched my fair share of poached eggs – so simple in technique but harder than you would think to perfect.

The kitchen was tight but efficient and productive.  Even a little time for some fun!  Great to have an amazing brunch spot that doesn’t take itself too seriously!


In the famous last words of Arnold Schwarzenegger…“I’LL BE BACK!”


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