The Spring Garden – Dedicated to my MUM!

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Before I official begin talking about the spring garden, I’d like to clear one thing up. Dear neighbors and friends who have walked by our corner lot home, that little lady doning a gardening apron and sun hat is not my hired gardener, but my lovely mother. She has shared with me many things but as it relates to this post, a love for gardening and a sense of accomplishment and pride in nurturing something and watching it grow. Thanks mum for accepting dinners, plant cuttings, seedlings, vegetables from my edible garden and the pleasure of my company (of course) in exchange for your hard work (hubby calls it slavery). There is no way that I could keep up with all the weeding necessary to maintain a corner lot. The ‘Garden of the Year’ nominations are all due to her hard work and love for ME…I mean, the garden. :) THANK YOU MUM!!!


I was only in Barcelona for less than a week but from what I heard, it finally felt like summer in Toronto. The fresh rain and warm weather really coaxed my spring garden to life.


I wait patiently for this cherry tree to bloom for me every spring. While short lived, it is so giving with it’s blooms. Enjoy it quickly before a heavy rainfall or strong gust of wind robs it of its showy flowers.


The absolute first bloom in my garden every year must be this deep maroon hellebore…followed closely by this buttercup yellow and chartreuse hellebore I planted from seed a few years back.

They always look so sad with their droopy blooms.

A selection of early bulbs. The Checkered Lilies are one of my favorites – they look like downward facing tulips with checkered petals. I grow about 5 varieties of daffodils in my garden and add more every year.


This patch of Bleeding Hearts was a gift from my mom’s perennial bed. It’s taken a few years to get settled in but lovely to finally see it put on a show.

Early Dwarf Bearded Irises in mauve and peach have done well in the corner and most sunny bed in our garden.

Two varieties of Lungwort. The one with the purple and pink flowers growing next to the Lamium was a gift and cutting from a friendly neighbor. Both grow happily under the dappled shade of a tree.

Just can’t get enough of the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths this time of year – a real signal of spring time in the garden and reminder that I need to plant more bulbs next year because the squirrels inevitable get to half of them (the tulips only).

Even a few early birds in the edible garden…One single strawberry taking on some blush and the early chives pushing through the cold earth with the wild garlic not far behind.


Another week of warm weather and sadly the spring bulbs will dry out but there will be a new flush of blooms and edible goodies to look forward to…can’t wait!


  1. Val, your pictures are beautiful, you are taking them like a pro, and yes, Angie, ” your” garden is truly admirable, too bad that the flowers go so fast and weeds tend to be more stubborn

      • Hi Heidi. Thanks for the tip! I have a nice yeast based waffle recipe from Cook’s Illustrated but will try the King Arthur one for sure! Thanks for the great tip! Hope you are doing well! We are missing you at our Mothers Day lunches!

  2. lovely garden, val and mama.

    just checked out your most recent chicken soup, val, and will make it 😉

    • Thanks Marilyn for your comment! Hoping to enjoy more of the garden as the weather gets better.

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