St. Lawrence – Sunday Antique Market

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Before my hubby and I moved into our home, we lived in a condo across the street from the St. Lawrence Market.  As a self-proclaimed foodie, my proximity to good food and local ingredients could not be more perfect.  What I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I did was the ‘Sunday Antique Market‘, where over 120 vendors took hold of the north hall.

The crowd was mixed.  Some very serious antique seekers looking for a specific piece to complete their collection and others more like me, poking around with a cup of coffee in hand taking in the sights, sounds and buzz of buyers bargaining with stall keepers.

However, I was on the lookout this Sunday.  I had a couple DIY projects in mind and was looking for some inspiration (not in the marionettes, yikes!).



The vendors sold everything from fur coats, silverware, dainty tea cups, used books to one of a kind furniture and old notions and linens.  One vendor even lovingly removed buttons from old garments and stitched them one by one onto sheets of Bristol board.  Another vendor had a theme every week and would only stock her stall with items of that ilk or color!


I could have spent hours looking through the prints in this stall – everything from old Vogue covers to maps and historic photographs of Toronto dating back to the 1920s.

By the end of my visit, I had spent a grand total of $20, worked on my terrible bargaining skills and walked away with a secondhand fur stole, silk scarf and necklace all of which I planned to re-purpose into something fun!

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